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13 Rhythms was founded on Friday 13th September 2014. I wanted to use the number 13 in my business, because it’s mainly associated with negative thoughts and beliefs and often we don’t know why.  For me that date was fabulous! It was the date I chose to make a difference.  I realised that the negative perception of the number 13 needed to be turned on its head – just like a lot of the negative beliefs many of us hold about our abilities and skills, and we don't know where those thoughts have originated from or what we can do to eradicate them and stop them affecting our performance.

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Natalie, Founder, 13 Rhythms

Assisting clients to unscramble their thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals and aspirations for their businesses and careers is the sole aim of my work.


Working with me provides entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners with clarity to understand and work through their ideas, generating an action plan that is practical, feasible, realistic and goal orientated.

13 Rhythms is the vehicle through which I use my skills and experience to assist others, and my joy is in seeing others achieve their career and business goals. If you were to ask me what underpins my work I would say it's all about the following:


• actively challenging the perceptions that result in limiting beliefs and inaction, in order to support the personal and professional development of all, resulting in real, tangible outcomes


• inspiring others to achieve their goals, through the provision of creative and interactive workshops, coaching and advice sessions and the facilitation of practical learning and development opportunities


• enabling others to recognise their potential, and through identifying and working to their strengths, helping them achieve the objectives they have for their lives, careers and businesses

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