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Who's behind

13 Rhythms?

"Who are you and why 13 Rhythms? Isn't it bad luck?" 

Hi, I’m Natalie, the “founder” of 13 Rhythms. 13 was founded on Friday 13th September 2014. I wanted to use the number 13 in my business, because it’s mainly associated with negative thoughts and beliefs and often we don’t know why.  For me that date was fabulous! It was the date I chose to make a difference.  I realised that the negative perception of the number 13 needed to be turned on its head – just like a lot of the beliefs about our abilities and skills, my own career and life direction and those of my clients.


Some essentials:


• I have substantial theoretical and practical understanding of business and career development, including holding a formal Business Support qualification from SFEDI and an social enterprise champion, an award given by UnLtd


• I have a business failure on my CV (RIP Emporium) – and during that time I learned a LOT! I include this point here to say: 1. Failure in business isn’t the worst thing that can happen 2. Fear of failure should never be a reason not to start and 3. Running Emporium was a great experience and I wouldn't have missed it! I refer to many of these lessons during workshops and consultations, not to tell people what to do, but to help refine their processes, systems and ensure that they make the most of their money, time and resources.


• Seeing people succeed and change their lives in small and big ways is my passion


• I love high heels and avocados, sunset is my favourite time of the day and I have a book and play in me waiting to be written.


• I have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds and love the process of supporting them transistion into careers and businesses. I'm proud to have been twice nominated for a Student Led Teaching Award, to have been named as a Social Enterprise Champion by UnLtd and to have spoken at a number of national conferences sharing my approach to enterprise.


I understand that for us to move forward personally or professionally, first we must challenge  our perceptions.  13 utilises my qualifications, experience and natural talent for motivating, inspiring and enabling others to support the realisation of their goals.


I look forward to working with you!


A little about me...

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