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Coaching &  Support

The coaching process using "The Equation"

13 Rhythms' bespoke action planning method

13 Rhythms, "Your Best You" Coaching programme, utilising "The Equation".

Perfect for business owners, career professionals, graduates, social entrepreneurs, freelancers and everyone with a career or enterprise driven goal

Coaching programmes consist of a bespoke combination and number of sessions, scheduled at times and dates to suit you. Non-disclosure agreements cover all of our interactions, maintaining your privacy. Each session is followed by a detailed record of what we've discussed, and will include your follow-up activities - the fancy term for homework! - clearly detailed with dates for completion. Each session flows into the next, building momentum and enabling you to take at least one action every day to help you #GrabYourGoals!  


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3. Kick them out of the way!

4. Develop practical and implementable action plans that move you forward  

2. Pinpoint the blocks to your progress

1. Identify exactly what you want to achieve

Focus your thoughts into  your SPECIFIC  goals

Being challenged and supported to step out of your comfort zone

Frank and open dialogue enabling you to remove any  limiting beliefs 

 Working consistently whilst you SEE and FEEL your progress

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Did you spot the aeroplane in the picture? Sometimes we have to take another look at ourselves in order to see what's really there too.

"Natalie. What can I say? I contacted you via 13 Rhythms in  September 2016 and outlined my ideas to you. You have nurtured them (and me), with your inimitable manner and expertise, not only understanding creative entrepreurship but also taking the time to understand the entrepreneur behind the venture - me!


You have guided a lump of carbon gently through the process of compression, while also giving me a lyrical kick up the bottom and always allowing me to hear the smile in your voice. You have continued to advise and remain a much needed component in getting NNn off the ground. One of the things that blew me away is the way you would say the name of my business smooth in the conversation like it was well, normal. You made me believe in my own dreams.


Even when I was super scared, you gave me an assignment that allowed me to go out in public even though I was having a 'knickers on the head' moment. I have been 'feeling the breeze' ever since but instead of being afraid and running away, I'm feeling a bit more steady on my Bambi legs. I will continue to seek your guidance. 'The Equation' and you Natalie, I can't recommend highly enough. Thirteen thank yous couldn't cover it."  


N. Sutherland, Naturally Nuture by Natalie Ltd.

Client Testimonial: