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Employability and Enterprise training for organisations

13 Rhythms enterprise and professional development workshops are designed to be fun, lively, practical and engaging.


13 Rhythms delivers workshops and training events which are designed to mentally stimulate participants, provide tips, guidance and implementable strategies, whilst acting as practical and experiential learning events - plus they're great networking opportunities!


Attending these workshops will give you the knowledge, encouragement and inspiration you need to tackle all of the various areas of your business and career development plans, helping you find the right systems, solutions and strategies that work for you. Your career planning and professional development will be enhanced. Business owners will leave each session with tips on how to create, market, promote, price, sell and build your products and services from a practical perspective.


Workshops are always creatively delivered and I work hard to ensure that everyone leaves having had their questions answered, ready and motivated to go ahead #GrabYourGoals!


Topics are varied and relevant to entrepreneurs and career professionals at all stages, including those right at the beginning of their business or career development journeys, up to those with extensive knowledge and experience, but who would like to bolster their skills and in particular subject areas.


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A lack of knowledge and experience about recruitment and selection processes can knock confidence, as students, graduates, young people about to start their first role, those who have been made redundant, or those going through a career change, begin undertaking the increasingly complex and sophisticated steps required to secure a career role.


13 Rhythms offers tailored and bespoke employability and enterprise development activities for all audiences, but with a keen focus on students and graduates, designed to prepare students and graduates for the world of work and/or self-employment.


My aim with this training is to ensure that participants benefit from practical information, proven tips and structured support to ensure their successful navigation of the world of work and business.







If you are from a university, college or school careers department, youth provision, supplementary school, training organisation, social services, third sector group, or involved in training and development of any kind, let's speak about your needs. We have a wide range of workshops available, howevr we are also very happy to design bespoke sessions for your organisation.


Calling all graduate recruiters, CSR departments, charities and organisations delivering apprentice schemes, let's explore how 13 Rhythms sessions will support the knowledge, understanding and skills development of your programme beneficiaries.


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