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Hi, Natalie from 13 Rhythms here. You're in the right place if you'd like to work with an experienced, encouraging, inquisitive, supportive business adviser and coach who will support and guide you, whilst providing practical tools to facilitate the progress you want in your business, charity, social enterprise or career path.


We can work together for anything from one session to a longer term coaching programme taking place over several months. I'll make recommendations on what I think will work best for you and your business, with YOUR interests at the HEART of all of my advice, guidance and practical support.


Working with me will enable you to FEEL and BE empowered in meeting the challenges that you are encountering in your business and/or career.

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My focus in working with clients is to:


  • provide tangible value, guidance and support that will move you forward in your business and career

  • uncover the challenges that are stopping you from progressing in the direction you wish

  • provide guidance on the practical tools and systems that will support you in reaching your goals and objectives

  • assist you with implementing dynamic action planning and taking action in YOUR benefit


In order for me to learn more about you and your business, and to explore the ways that we can work together to materialise your business or career plans, let's speak. Book yourself straight into my diary here: 13 Rhythms Explore Call 


There's no obligation, no charge and this isn't a "sales call". It's about "fit" and our chemistry and identifying ways that I can bring structure, guidance and practical tools to your goals.


I look forward to speaking to you soon!