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13 Rhythms works with individuals, organisations, companies, charities and educational establishments delivering "The 13 Way" through one-to-ones, training events, workshops, webinars and online training programmes.

What I Do

My events, workshops and one-to-one sessions are suited to all who are in the process of seeking change: career change, business change, student to employee, job to career, organisational change, hobbyist into business owner, small business that wishes to expand and lots more. I design and deliver bespoke training, workshops and activites that  expertly meet your needs. 

The 13 Way is the way that I deliver what I deliver! This means being engaging, authentic, creative, client-focused, informative and supportive.


“The Equation” is the unique 13 Rhythms process that generates actions for the purpose of identifying and achieving our goals.


"The Equation" helps you to identify your purpose,  see the individual steps you need to take to reach your goals, generate an approachable and usable action plan and give you the motivation to implement it.  

What's my why?

Who do I work with?

What is "The 13 Way"?

13 Rhythms is the vehicle through which I use my skills and experience to assist others, and my joy is in seeing others achieve their career and business goals. If you were to ask me what underpins my work I would say it's all about the following:


• actively challenging the perceptions that result in limiting beliefs and inaction, in order to support the personal and professional development of all, resulting in real, tangible outcomes


• inspiring others to achieve their goals, through the provision of creative and interactive workshops, coaching and advice sessions and the facilitation of practical learning and development opportunities


• enabling others to recognise their potential, and through identifying and working to their strengths, helping them achieve the objectives they have for their lives, careers and businesses

  • starting, running or growing a business

  • working and want to change your role

  • unemployed and want to secure a role

  • a graudate who is about to enter the job market

  • wanting to change the direction of your career

  • creative and want to use your skills to start a business

  • a keen hobbyist who could be making money from your passion

  • a social entrepreneur with an idea that can create social change

  • an organisation that has professional development and training needs

Contact me if you are...

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